Your Fintech app.

Your Fintech app.

Release your very own Fintech app within 90 days.

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Unlock new revenue streams

Influencers & Celebrities

Ready to reward your following?

Together with Your Fintech App, you can launch your own cash back reward programme.

  • Create your very own branded Current Accounts and debit cards (GBP & EUR)
  • When your followers shop using your card, you and your following earn cash back!
Money transfer businesses

Overseas money remittance operator?

Start serving communities in Europe that send money to your locations.

  • Take control of money transfers at the point of collection in the UK and Europe
  • Increase your profit margins up to 10x
  • All from within your own privately branded space in the YFA app

Manage your finances

Private Banking clients

Looking for class in your banking?

The 18 Karat debit card is where luxury meets peace of mind.

  • Zero card and FX fees for the first 2 years, with 24/7 premium concierge service
  • Its bespoke card chip programming is designed to protect you from fraud
  • Think 5-star hotel, but for your wallet
Employers and business Owners

Organise your company pay-roll.

Get a mobile app and corporate web portal to organise your business.

  • Corporate Current Accounts (GBP & EUR)
  • Corporate debit cards (GBP & EUR)
  • Payment Services (Faster Payments, SEPA & SWIFT)
  • Card acceptance services (Visa, Mastercard & AMEX)

What you get

Go Fintech

Operate your own Fintech technology.

Simply add your brand logo to existing consumer-facing tech in banking.

Product & Technology

It’s the real Fintech deal.

  • Cloud-based banking platform (Microsoft Azure)
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Merchant portal for operating virtual Mastercards®
  • Back office with card payments, bank transfers, users
  • Money-remittance portal to manage pay-out
With Your Fintech App technology, you can:
  • Create current accounts (IBAN)
  • Create Mastercard® debit cards
  • Make bank transfers
  • Charge payment cards (acquiring)